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New Year’s Cards (年賀状)

日本語版は↓ Wow! I can’t believe a year has passed since I wrote here. First I’d like to say that for those of you who send/ receive new year’s cards, please know this- I know I am always late, but I … Continue reading

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inadvertant insult

As you can see by my “Looking Back on 2014” you can see that I spent a busy day in the kitchen on New Year’s Eve. Here I was in the thick of cooking the major new years feast. I … Continue reading

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2014 Looking Back

Happy New Year!!! It’s the year of the sheep. Here I am, as usual, sitting in front of my computer on January 1st trying to make the New Year’s cards that should have been finished by December 25th (according to … Continue reading

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Persimmon Chutney!?

As I said in my previous post, we have bumper crop of persimmons this year. Now I hate to see nature’s bounty go to waste but even my two fruit monsters can’t keep up with the persimmon crop this year. … Continue reading

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Ah, autumn is quickly setting in and as I type this, I can see the persimmons on the tree. They are ready for picking and we have a bumper crop this year. I never knew of this fruit until I … Continue reading

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Reading to Big Kids 2 (Charlotte’s Web)

The web seems to have brought me full circle. When I was pregnant with DD2, I loaded up my MD player (yes MD player!) with music by Sarah McLachlan, after all I wanted something soothing to help me through labour. … Continue reading

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Reading to Big Kids

The kids are bigger now and I actually have time to myself, but I sort of got out of the habit of writing this blog. Maybe I should come back. When the girls were little, I read to them a … Continue reading

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