inadvertant insult

As you can see by my “Looking Back on 2014” you can see that I spent a busy day in the kitchen on New Year’s Eve.

Here I was in the thick of cooking the major new years feast. I had a kitchen full of exotic veggies and stuff (well exotic to an expat Newfoundlander) in there, it all has to be cut in various ways. I was orchestrating various dishes and was muttering to myself and my sous chef (DD2) “now where did I put that chunk of daikon (radish)?” DD2 (the memory of this house) says “right there behind the bowl. Mommy, you’re such a loser (as in one who loses things)”

Then, I dashed from the kitchen to the computer in DH’s “cave” to look up a quick recipe only to sit in front of the machine muttering again “Now what was I supposed to look up… what did I want to cook?… crap I can’t…” When DD1 chimed in humourously “yuck! don’t cook any crap.” I’m proud of her. She’s the kid with no sense of humour. Maybe there IS hope.

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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2 Responses to inadvertant insult

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Renae!

    Great catching up with all your “going ons”. Love the Halloween video from the news…no idea what anyone is saying though! (Now I know how my students feel!)
    I didn’t know you were home last summer. (We were in Florida for all of July…) It looks like it was a good trip!
    I’d love to see Japan some time, but finances won’t permit it next year. We hope to spend some of the winter in Florida to get away from the snow and I’m hoping to pick up a Spanish course at the college.
    Off to review and tweak exams…starting midterms next week.
    A la prochain,


    • MrsMom says:

      Great to hear from you!! Summer in Florida!!! Winter I understand but summer? Although te weather was SOOOO good while I was home I thought I went to wrong place. Sun every day except one! hopefully we’ll catch up on my next trip home. The girls will be bigger so I’ll have more free time (yippee!)

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