Reading to Big Kids

The kids are bigger now and I actually have time to myself, but I sort of got out of the habit of writing this blog. Maybe I should come back.

When the girls were little, I read to them a lot. Especially DD1 because I just seemed to have more time then and could actually get through a book without falling asleep myself.

I remember that my brother was reading something to his son that was quite difficult for a little 4 year old (at that time) but he has quite an exceptional little lad. I went on with my kiddie books for my kiddies and then I seemed to get out the habit of reading to DD1 since she could read on her own. She does, however read in Japanese and not English. Try as I may, I couldn’t get her to read in English so I just started to give up.

Then one day I took a slightly longer young reader’s novel home from the classroom library. We read a chapter or two a night. Both girls loved it. especially DD1, since the story was more appropriate to her age group.

I’ve realized that this not only brings the joy of reading back to us, it gives us that important time together and she has learned a lot of new vocab and possibly grammar from the books. I used to think that once she went to school she would no longer enjoy being read to but that is certainly not the case.

We’ve recently enjoyed Charlotte’s Web but I’ll save that for another post. Right now I have to go read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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