Reading to Big Kids 2 (Charlotte’s Web)

charlottesweb-1 The web seems to have brought me full circle.

When I was pregnant with DD2, I loaded up my MD player (yes MD player!) with music by Sarah McLachlan, after all I wanted something soothing to help me through labour. One of the songs was new to me. It was “Ordinary Miracle” from the Charlotte’s Web soundtrack. I listened to it again and again and sang it to DD1 as a lullaby and when DD2 was born I sang it to the two of them. Then my voice went through a long period of hoarseness and I couldn’t hit those Sarah notes and I stopped singing it. I eventually forgot all about it.

When I started reading children’s novels to the girls I decided to get Charlotte’s Web for our trip to to the motherland. I had never read it either so I was glad to have a new story. Quite honestly, I had been interested in it myself. We read it during our trip to Canada and even Nana read a chapter or two to them. We read a couple of chapters with Cousin T (the bright lad in my previous post about reading) too. This book is now loaded with memories about home.

When we got back Japan, we rented the movie (in which Sarah sings that beautiful song) and the girls immediately remembered the lullaby, even DD2 who was only a baby when she heard it. I had forgotten most of the lyrics but quickly looked them up.

Now DD2 sings the song to herself, or to me or with me. It is so cute to hear her off playing something and singing away. Things have come full circle thanks to a little spider and a pig.

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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2 Responses to Reading to Big Kids 2 (Charlotte’s Web)

  1. mayumi okutani says:

    Thank’s for the newyears card!
    I read MRSMOM(^o^)!
    I beleave you had nice year!
    Talking about us about last year,I had good thing and sad thing.
    Good thing was I quit smork,σ(^_^;) and sad thing ponta became angel.
    Now I’am 🆗! Dont worry!
    I want see you this year (^O^)/

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