Learning to live with critters in the country

I’ve been cleaning up old emails and stumbled on this weird thing that happened way back last fall…

Fall is upon us and every fall is the season of the stink bug! These nasty things get into everything especially your clean laundry and well… stink! As long as you don’t disturb them they are fine, but given that putting a hand into a pile of laundry to transfer to the washer or to fold if it is clean constitutes a disturbance, these “miniature skunks” are often going off.

The other day, I pulled DD2’s notebook out of her nursery school bag to write a note to the teachers and there it was- a stinkbug. These days I have taken to flushing them down the toilet so I gently brought the notebook with it’s passenger to the toilet.

MUCH to my surprise, something moved in the toilet!!! It looked about the size of a gecko so I figured one had managed to fall in there. NOPE! it was not a gecko. It was a MOUSE!!! I have NO IDEA how he go in there. He must have fallen in. Lucky for him, these newfangled eco-toilets aren’t filled with water like they used to be so he was sort of hanging on for dear life to the dry “shore” of the bowl and hoping for the best. SO Mr stinkbug was forgotten as I went to the kitchen and dug out an old plastic cup. I lay it down near the little guy to push him in but he very willingly leaped into the cup to safety. I covered it and after showing him to DD1 and DH and insisting that we NOT keep him as a pet (DD1 wants to keep EVERYTHING as a pet) we released him to the back yard so that he may come back some day and maybe eat up our rice or cookies or something. I couldn’t hurt the little guy.

Ah life in the countryside… always full of surprises. The other day the wild boars did the job on my broccoli! Yup they didn’t even eat them, just dug up the whole garden hoping to find something good and left the broccoli uprooted. Little devils! Time to move the dog’s house to the veggie garden or get a hunting license. Of course I wouldn’t have the heart to actually shoot if I couldn’t even flush the mouse down the toilet. And then there are all these tasty pheasants strutting around in plain view… Sheesh!



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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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