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I took a chance on this. A few years ago, DD1 was given a pair of winter boots. We don’t usually get a lot of snow around here but a few times a year they come in handy. Also that year, her kindergarten class went on a field trip to a ski slope to go sliding.

The boots were really cute and I put them away for DD2 to grow into. Over the course of a few years though, the “fake leather” coating disintegrated! It left only the bare fabric and this great rubber bottom.

DD2 loved the boots anyway and wore them almost every day for a few weeks. This left these nice white boots looking really grubby and worn out. I was ready to toss them but I hate waste and I HATE throwing stuff in the landfill (I will wear all my shoes until they are worn out. I had one pair of leather shoes for 15 years. It broke my heart to finally toss them).

But what to do with a cloth that would likely leak if DD2 ever played in real snow?


I had already started painting when I thought to take the picture

I was fixing the dollhouse (another post about that later) and I had a small jar of white paint in my hand when the light bulb went off. Hey, I had nothing to lose. These boots were destined for the trash if I did nothing so…

I washed them up and I painted the fabric. Water paint on this fabric looked… well… it looked…  better than before but still quite lackluster. Nothing could stop me though!

The next day I went to the hardware store and bought a nice enamel paint for about 300 yen and got to work. This actually looked alright. Then I remembered that I had a special waterproof spray to put on our various outdoor items and dug that out and sprayed the boots.


I’ll take a picture with the laces and update this later.

By the time that dried I was quite proud of myself. Last night I put the laces back and put them in the porch for DD2 to see. She pretty much has a new pair of boots. I saved them from the landfill for a few more years and learned some new tricks. I’m quite proud of myself.


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