Child translators

 Ah the joy of raising bilingual kids! The 4 year old has had a sudden interest and a surge in English. It is great and it is really funny to hear the girls playing and the 4 year old says to the 7 year old “Don’t use English!” the little one is the language police now.


 Right now they are playing outside with their Japanese friends so is is pretty much 100% Japanese. I went out to see what they were doing and they announced that they were playing “hotel” There appeared to be a bar set up so I walked up to it and asked for (and I have no idea why) a Tia Maria. The “bartender”- fully Japanese- just looked at her little translator (the 4 year old) who hesitated for a second and looked back up and translated this as “ocha” meaning “tea”. I guess it makes a lot of sense when you are 4.

About MrsMom

Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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