Dollhouse III part 11 (bathroom door)

I actually made this about 2 weeks ago but am only getting round to posting it now.

I found some perfect wood at the local Imagehardware shop. Then I cut a piece of plastic from an old container. I sanded it to give it that opaque bathroom door look. I thought I’d go with silver since most bathroom doors seem to be made from aluminum and I still had lots of paint left from painting the bath…

DSC_1514  wood painted

bathroomdoorBeforeWith a little assembly, voila, a great little bathroom door. Or so I thought but once it went in there it looked a little plain and stark. There was no reason for having gone through the trouble of sanding the piece of plastic. I thought about it all the while DD1 was moaning… “it doesn’t OPEN” and “You should make a ‘datsuiba’ =changing area” when the idea hit… A CHANGING AREA! Of course! I’ll make a fake one. I thought about some old bathrooms I’d been in (including the old one we tore out 5 years ago) and of course, all houses of that era had wood panel and the infamous blue sink. I got online again, got onto my editing software and merged 5 images from the net to get this…

bathroomPanelSmMy fake changing room. I put it behind the door and it looks pretty good. Here is the final result…bathroomdoorAfter

Now, on my coworkers advice, I’m going to make a mini ‘sunoko”= a little wood “floor cover” and an “oke” = a wash pan and glue the mirror back in there.

To be continued…


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