Dollhouse III part 10 (bathroom)

It’s been a busy time but I finally got back at the dollhouse again. The only room left on the front side is the bathroom so I want to get on with that.

bookcover The original bathroom couldn’t open so I decided to take the wall off and put hinges on it (to be done at a later date). First I have to do the interior so I have been hunting the 100 yen shop for something that could serve as tiles. The other day I struck gold. This book cover was perfect.

The house is taking on the theme of a 50s- or 60s style Japanese house (Showa era). DSC_1491I looked up bathrooms of that era and they all seemed to have pink or blue tubs and tiles and fake “stone” tiles on the floor. I decided to buck the trend and make it white. (after looking up “showa era bathrooms on the net I realized that the bathroom we tore out 5 years back WAS a showa era bathroom and I HATED that).

Next I gave it a coat of paint and while I was at it I did the whole exterior as well and the house looks great now.

bathroom1Then I put in the tiles and it looked great … until I realized that the tub was in the wrong place. So I have to do some minor renovations and make a bathroom door before I put the faucet on and hinge the wall. Until then the bathroom looks like this…

Dollhouse 3 part 10 B

I went back in a fixed the tiles. DSC_1512It didn’t take very long. While I was at it I painted the tub silver. All the Showa style tubs I found from my search were either blue or pink or stainless steel so I opted for stainless steel. I managed to drill a little hole and get the faucet back in. The original faucet was perfect and it looks great now that it’s in place.

Next I’ll get to work on the bathroom door.

Now where did I put that mirror?

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