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In a Pickle

6 jars of homemade pickles! The funny thing is if you ask me if I like cooking I’ll say “no”.  But bottling food excites me. I caught myself looking at pressure canners the other day…

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All mixed up

My children are biracial… <gasp>… but in Japan they like to stick the name “half” on them -as in half something half Japanese. They, however, only use the word “half” making it sound like ‘the child is not all there’ … Continue reading

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Doll House III Part 7

Let there be light! It’s back!!! I left it with the pro and he (being a pro) could test wires, tap this, twist that and replace a few parts and VOILA! we have the original lighting restored. One bulb didn’t … Continue reading

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Dollhouse III Part 6

There is a reason for the lull in the dollhouse posts. I keep looking at those little light bulbs  and frayed wires and wondering if this little house will shine again? After much research on dollhouse lighting, I realized that … Continue reading

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Dollhouse IV

It looks like dollhouse fever  is spreading. DD1 decided to make her own. I’m impressed with her “building” skills.

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“Where are you from”

After almost 20 years in Japan, I have come to absolutely abhor that question. “Where are you from?” will ultimately be followed bu useless chitchat about stereotypes, how great my Japanese is (it’s okay but certainly not worth praising) someone’s … Continue reading

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