My dog is amazing


Mari, the wonderdog!

OK so there is a fair bit of sarcasm there…
but she is a pretty good dog just the same.

She was a throwaway. Someone didn’t want her and threw her out like an old chip bag. She was likely abused too. She will not let anyone except the family touch her and she will not bark at people. We had her for 3 years before we heard her bark for the first time, so I’m guessing someone hit her every time she barked.

Despite all this she was house-trained when we got her. She has never had an accident in the house and most amazingly, she knows not to come in on the tatami mat rooms. She knows “sit” and “stay”, always comes when called (more than I can say for the kids!), and can somewhat “heel” during her walks. She never pulls on her lead (unless of course a cat or other small animal crosses our path). She also knows that she cannot beg at the table during meals and even if a juicy tidbit falls to the floor she will not gobble it until I give her the “OK”

But that is not why I decided to claim that “my dog is amazing”. I wanted to actually note some of the amazing things my dog can “do”. In the past 2 years since DD2 has become more linguistically competent, the dog has become more “agile” in her tricks.

First, she has amazing flatulence. She can sometimes send plumes of gas so potent that they reach rooms she has not even been in, like, say, she can pass gas in the porch and it can somehow waft way into the kitchen through a closed door!

She can get into the cupboards and pull out some of her favorite treats. I think she tends to like cookies and hard candies best. Then she somehow manages to get them open (something I often have trouble with) and leave the carcass behind the sofa where she obviously ate the loot.

My favorite “super power”is that she can open the washroom door, get in there and pee on the floor in front of the toilet. I have no idea why she brings in DD2s clothes and pees on them though. I guess she hopes I’ll “blame the kids”.


About MrsMom

Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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3 Responses to My dog is amazing

  1. Stacey Snyder says:

    I remember when you got her in 2003 ish? She was such a good fit and you are an amazing owner! Inspired Brad and I to get two of our own!

    • Stacey Snyder says:

      …is such a good dog, let’s get the right tense.

    • MrsMom says:

      What a great memory. Yup 2003. She’s come a long way. I never dreamed that our mutt was the inspiration for you getting rescued dogs but I was thrilled when I heard your news but I didn’t know you had two. I think I’ll jump over to FB now and jog my memory.

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