Doll house III Part 3 “engawa”

I wasn’t planning to work on this today but A: it’s getting addictive and B: I had an hour to spare and the weather was gorgeous for working outside.

IMGP0445 DD1 is starting to show an interest in getting more hands on. I let her saw some easy bits. There is an “engawa” (a sort of Japanese porch) which has a hallway behind it but there is only a little opening about the size of a window to look at the hall and that’s it. I wanted to open that up more so my goal today was to saw the doorway into the hall and put everything away.

IMGP0447Her friend came in and joined the action. They took turns sanding the new doorway.




IMGP0453Once that was sanded, I wasn’t ready to stop. The weather was beckoning me outside. I had found the actual paint we used to paint our own house. It’s a very traditional Japanese green. In fact, it’s called “uguis green” (a well known bush warbler in Japan). I knew that this is the color I wanted for the hall and engawa. It didn’t take long to dry either so I could get on two coats. I used a sponge for the second to get it looking like a traditional Japanese mud wall. DD1 was quite impressed with that technique and was boasting it to her Dad over dinner.

IMGP0449I also want to level the engawa with the hallway so I added a second floor to bring up the height. Both will have wood flooring and mouldings around them. I found some great wood at the local hardware shop. I never dreamed they’d have something so small. This is a very rural area after all.

IMGP0451 This house had wiring and it is baffling me. I would love to figure out how to rewire it but don’t have much confidence. At least today I finally found where the source was, or at least some important parIMGP0450t. It was well hidden behind the stairs. I can’t get the stairs out to get at it though, so now this looks like an even more complicated job. IMGP0452I also can’t figure out how to get the switch off to have a look.

After dinner, I cut a few more boards and finished the flooring in the hall. I also cut some mouldings and beams for the corners. IMGP0459 IMGP0462They need a more Japanese color. Everything is quite white now. I thought of some kakishibu. It’s a natural wood stain made from ground persimmon pits. It’s commonly used in Japanese houses and I found the original can we used during our own renovations. DD1 loves using actual colors and materials from her own house.

Now I have to wait for some free time to get the floorboards, beams and mouldings stained. It should be pretty quick getting them glued into place. Once that’s done, maybe I can think of the wiring??? or give up on that and get the bath done.


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