Dollhouse III Part 2 (the tub)

I so want to move on to other parts of this house but I really should finish the bathroom.

When I had my first doll houses, I had to look in a library and borrow books. Then I had to pour over the books and find hints for making mini floors, mini carpets, mini furniture… This took ages! and sometimes I had to get books brought in from other cities. That was 30 years ago.

This time I can go online! Not only are there hundreds of tips and advice at my fingertips, there are things I can print out. There are printable wallpapers! printable floors! little mini printables to make mini foods and books… the list is endless!

So it only took about 40 minutes to find this site which had a great idea to make a bath tub- the $5 Dollhouse.

Some womenDSC_1020 marry for money. Sometimes I think I married for his tools. DH has every tool I could possiblyDSC_1021 want and more. This site says to find a block of wood. This is pretty easy around my house. I found the perfect size and cut the right length.

DSC_1023It’s just a block of wood now, but it will look a little like this when the bathroom goes together.

BTW DD1 finally did something for the house. She sanded the block of wood. Maybe she IS interested in the renovations, after all.


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