Dollhouse III (in the beginning)

When I was a kid, my Dad made me a doll house. I played with it, I remodelled it again and again and again and as my skills improved, I made it even better. Then in high school, I made a doll house for myself.

When I came to Japan, I gave it to my friend’s daughters and gave up such “child’s play”.


From the front

But, about 6 months ago, I found a really great, hand-made doll house on the net. It sat in our house for a while with great intentions of sprucing it up.


This is a very well constructed house built by a Japanese grandpa. He based the design on the actual house he was living in at the time. He put a lot of work into this and there are some great details.   I hope to retain a lot of the character of this house so I have to be very careful with every step.


The side

The other side

The other side

I finally had a little bit of time on my hands today, and thought that this would be some good quality time with the girls. They were thrilled, and the 4 year (DD2) old was enraptured for about 15 minutes! The 7 year old (DD1) hung on a little longer… She stayed a good 40 minutes, before she scampered off to play with the neighbour.

DSC_0988I knew there were working lights in this at one point so… off came the roof. This part was easy and it looks like the switches were in here. Then I took off the main roof. This was a tricky task. I have to be so careful to not break it yet there are nails and screws holding it together where I don’t expect them. I can’t just rip. Everything has to be plied off gently.

DSC_0982The wires were all there but there was no way I could figure them out. I really should have paid more attention in science class. I may have to go without lights or buy a set online.

DSC_0987The bathroom was quite cute but it needed new paint and a new floor. Also, The girls would have to reach in the little window (lower left) to play in there. It was quite awkward. I decided to take the bathroom wall off and put it on a hinge. When this is finished the girls can open the bathroom wall to play in there.

So off came the ceiling (can you see the little light- top right).

DSC_1001It took quite some time to pry off this wall. Is was a “double wall” to accommodate the plumbing (how cute!)DSC_1000.

DSC_1033 Since I really hope to keep the original feel to this, I have to be careful to keep all the little pieces that come off.

Now I had a very dismantled doll house and two very whiny, hungry children.

To be continued…


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