Happy 2013

Happy 2013! May this be a great year full of good things for you all.

This post is actually more like 2012 in review. Our family had a very happy, healthy and eventful 2012. Let me try to sum it up.

JANUARY: L and I climbed Odoyama as usual but we didn’t see the sun nor snow : (

K made a new kitchen table since we’d outgrown our old one (that I had made 10 years ago).


Our new kitchen table

L turned 6 and shortly after,  we welcomed a new nephew to the family.

FEBRUARY: M started skating. She so wanted to copy her sister that we put a pair on her and she managed to move about a little.


First time on skates

Both girls put off a great show in the kindergarten pageant.


Tiny dancer


We went to Kyoto to meet my cousin. We ended up at Eiga Mura


How do you like YOUR eggs

L “graduated” from kindergarten in a very emotional (for me) and moving ceremony. The director (who I love) also announced that she was “graduating” (aka: retiring).


Encho-sensei, thank you for everything!

Mari (the dog) got loose and was away for three days! I really thought she was dead this time and realized how much I love that ol’ dog!





first day of school

L started school and we both had to get up so early every day. She liked school, but I really hated it. It doubled my workload and  “stole” my daughter.

M started swimming school and was fearless from day one.

DD2's First day at swimming school

DD2’s First day at swimming school

May: We went camping for the long Golden Week holiday.

The girls loved it until we took them out in a boat. Even I  (a Newfoundlander) have to admit the seas were pretty bad and I was a bit worried once we left the sheltered bay and got on the open seas.


Great Big Sea

We will probably NEVER EVER get L in a boat again.

K cycled 200km in the annual Iwami Ride.

Iwami Grand Font

Iwami Grand Font

We were content to just cheer him on and play on the beach while waiting.


Then I got a chance to meet one of my favorite Japanese singers (the one who gave me the idea for first daughter’s name)


Leyona and R

JUNE: K was busy with his cycling group’s big event the “Azoji Hill Climb Race”. He couldn’t cycle it but he was busy as an organizer.

R and the kids played around in the garden a lot


swinging monkey


K and I swam the Takatsu River 3km Marathon. This was a big deal because it was the first time we could do anything together because the girls were finally able to stay with someone other than us (thank you Auntie Hiromi)


I had 2 weeks holidays and packed up the girls and went on a road trip to the Tottori Sand Dunes!


playing on the dunes


The girls loved the dunes but hated travelling in the car so long.

SEPTEMBER: Again, K was off to Matsue to cycle all over the Izumo region.


View of Shinji Lake

We made a family trip of it and the girls and I went to “Vogel Park” to see the birds.


Then we cheered our man on.

OCTOBER: K ran a half marathon at the Iwami Airport Marathon.

Halloween! I made a costume and finally was a queen for a day. Of course I loved it! my 2 girls were “princesses” and K was a “clown”. It says a lot for the family hierarchy.201210RenQueen


M (3) finally got to celebrate her 7-5-3 festival by donning a kimono. She looked lovely but awkward. Unlike her sister who SOAKED up the attention, M was shy. We had trouble getting her to even pose for a picture.


One good pose

DECEMBER: It’s always a busy month. Christmas was a big deal and we invited 2 family friends (well, friends who are more like family) to our Christmas dinner.


Then only days later, It was M’s 4th birthday and only a day after all these festivities, we had to clean the house and I started New Year’s cooking.

Lucky we got it all done too because K’s son actually came and spent a day at our house! It was great to see him and the girls weren’t shy this time. Instead they were jumping all over the guy.



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