Friday was a national holiday in Japan and I had no special plans, so I fired up the Skype and called the girls in the computer room to have a chat with the grandparents.

The I realized that they may not be home since this was not my usual calling time. I muttered to myself while DD2 (3 yrs old) sat beside me

Me:  Oh that’s right, Nana might not be home now it’s Thursday over there

DD2: Why not?

Me: Nana likes BINGO and this might be here BINGO night.

DD2: What’s BINGO

Me: (After explaining BINGO to DD2) I know, let’s call Poppy’s phone. He should be home.

DD2: Poppy don’t like BIMBOs?

Well, I’m sure Poppy does like bimbos but even the best bimbos won’t get Poppy out to BINGO!


About MrsMom

Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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