Our Reindeer Dog!!!

Lapland reindeer dog?

Our "lapland reindeer dog"

Every year, my friend sends me a hilarious Christmas e-card with pictures of her family and lots of speech bubbles. I look forward to it every year and this year I decided to show it to DH.

Maybe something got lost in translation when I tried to explain to him that back home it is not the least bit unusual to put antlers on the family pet (obviously a DOG because no cat will ever allow this). SO I searched “reindeer dog” on the net to find lots of pictures of hapless “festive” pets when low and behold, we stumbled on a dog with no antlers but eerily similar to our own “antlerless” pooch. I clicked on this link only to find lots of dogs just like our own.

Ole Mari is a rescue dog. We know she is about 8 and was probably bred to be a hunting dog???? but looking at this I realize that she may have some of this DNA in her.

At least now when people ask “what kind of dog is that” I’ll answer that she’s a “lapland reindeer dog” instead of the usual “oh, just a mutt”. I know she’s likely not a purebred castaway, but it sure is nice to have a cool name for her..


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