Happy 2010

I felt very Japanese this New Year’s. Well okay, I wasn’t totally Japanese because I actually had 12 days off.
We had absolutely no plans to go anywhere in particular and this year is the start of many where ALL our special days are clumped together.

We’d just put the Christmas tree away and it was time to gut the house and get ready for New Year’s eve. Up went the “shimenawa” (a Japanese new year decoration). I stocked up on enough food to get us through the next few days. This was NOT an easy task for someone who can barely buy groceries for supper without forgetting something like potatoes when she plans to make homefries. I also had to get ingredients for 3 special meals as Shorty was going to have her first birthday, The new year buckwheat noodles are a tradition NOT to be skipped in DH’s house and the new year’s meal

I’m very proud to say that I actually managed this task and EVEN remembered to pick up shorty’s cake without driving back and forth around town too much.

I am NO cook and DH’s slender waist can attest to that, but I did manage to whip up a decent meal and get things cleaned up in time to get started for the next day.

Here is where it gets interesting (for rme). There are these infamous “Osechi” dishes which the Japanese traditinally eat at new year. They are a whole variety of fancy dishes that can be kept in several layered fancy boxes that are to be eaten over the holidays. this is to give the cook a couple of days “off”. I figured I’d go for it.

I found a few sites with recipes and one that was particularly clear and easy. I chose a few of the easier dishes and got to work…

To be continued

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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