The little things

This is almost a combination of my Thanksgiving post and my aquarium (bilingual kids) post.

We had a 5 day summer holiday called the “Bon Holiday” here and DH and I have had lots of time with the kids. Just the same, we are still pretty busy.

Sometimes, to kill two birds with one stone, I have DD1 “help” me to clean. I give her a simple task of wiping something which she seems to enjoy doing. These days, she’s into vacuuming too so I let her “vacuum” while I get things done.

Well, DH and I thought we should make an effort to bring the kids somewhere fun and decided on the aquarium. We  got the kids ready and into the car and drove an hour to get there and walked all around while Sprout weaved in and out of the hordes of people to get a look at the aquatic life. There was a baby seal today so that was quite exciting. The belugas had just had babies too but were resting and the public couldn’t see them.

At the end of the day, DD1 and I were having our usual pre-bed chat and I asked her what was a good thing about today. Fully expecting something about the penguins or seals, Sprout chirped up with “cleaning the house with Mommy!”

Note to self: “make child work more!”

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