Cold Shower

They say kids learn about the world around them by experimenting. Well DD certainly learned by trial and error today.

You see in Japan they have these nifty toilets called “washlets”. They are a toilet with a built in bidet and bottom “blowdryer” (for lack of better words) and all this is with a heated toilet seat! DD can reach and manipulate a few buttons now and she takes great delight in turning off the heat in the seat. This has given DH and I a few cold shocks in the morning.

This morning she called me in to the WC with a bit of panic in her voice. I thought she didn’t make it again and was expecting wet pants on the floor. I opened the door and saw just that, but this was no ordinary puddle! It was a huge “pee” I thought until she showed me how it was all over the seat and I could also see spray on the floor.

“How did you do that?” I asked
“It was this”, she pointed at the buttons.

Then it hit me, she must have been playing and this time hit the bidet button. Well a nice large adult bottom takes the spray perfectly but a small toddler bottom doesn’t sufficiently cover. It sprayed clear up her back and sides and probably up between her legs too.

Luckily it was too funny to get mad. She looked so shocked as she sat there. We just wiped it up and I tried to contain my laughter.

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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