Today I am mourning the loss of someone I've never even met.

You see, I gave myself a special birthday present some time ago. I sponsored a foster child with Plan Canada.
Over the years I've seen her grow though only in pictures that I receive annually.

Today, I tore open my annual update to see in the "report" that "there have been changes in Sangita's family" with the words "Sangita's mother has died"

I guess that because I am finally a mother myself that this is particularly sad.  I realize the importance of a mother in any family and my heart goes out for little Sangita who now has to grow up without her mother. I don't know this woman and I barely know Sangita but I feel great pain for her.

I also don't know the cause of death but it brings my attention back to the plight of people in poor rural areas of developing countries. As the motto of Plan Canada goes They really do "need a plan"

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