Bilingual kids

 Raising a child to be bilingual is a challenge but it is possible. It also holds lots of surprises and ups and downs.

My mother is in Japan to help out after the birth of #2 so DD is hearing LOTS of English daily and as a result her English level has doubled if not tripled. Lately she acts as a translator between DH and I;  however, sometimes she likes to keep the conversation between her and one parent. Heaven forbid should we answer if she’s been speaking to one parent only. We may be eating dinner and I haven’t really realized that she’s been speaking Japanese and I will make a comment about what she’s been talking about. I will then get an angry “I’M TALKING TO DADDY!” or vice versa. This is funny enough but the other day we managed to document such an outburst on video.

Here is the transcript in case you can’t pick up all of it.

At the local aquarium we came across a miniature neon squid-like thing.

DD: (in Japanese) What’s that thing called?
Me: Clioné [klee o nay]
DD: (in Japanese) What’s that thing called?
Me: Clioné
DD: NO! I’m talking to DADDY! (in Japanese to DH) What’s that thing called?
DH: Clioné
DD: (in Japanese) Oh really? a clioné…

and she walked off happily enough having had her question answered. Sheesh! Here is the video for proof

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