My child prodigy…

  I was beginning to think that OUR child was a superiour being of fabulous talents. She’s not a bad artist and managed this likeness of her father at 2 & 1/2.

These days (now 2 & 8mos)  she’s even moved on to designing animals and insects; She has great manners and has mastered ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and sometimes even ‘you’re welcome’ IN 2 LANGUAGES.  She sometimes turns off the TV when she’s decided she’s had enough and she doesn’t watch much anyway; she’s pretty well behaved most times and is pretty much toilet trained too. From 2 1/2 to present she has only had about 3 mistakes. She sometimes even stacks her dishes when she’s done eating and EVEN takes them to the counter on a good day. Yesterday I searched everywhere for her pajamas only to find them stuffed in her pajama drawer. She’d put them away (I wish she could teach her father the same trick)!

…. AND I was thinking that this is all because, of course, children mimic what they see and that I have been doing a superior job at parenting… SO I was getting quite a swollen head….

Then this morning I was hanging out the clothes and I ran inside for a second batch and heard her out there laughing and having a great time and talking to the ole dog. Sprout talking to the dog is a very usual thing at our house so I thought nothing of this interaction until I walked back out…

There she was, pants down around her knees, wiggling her bare butt and laughing wildly as she MOONED the unsuspecting canine!  Yes this is my ‘child prodigy’. My head is no longer swollen, thank you. And I SWEAR she is NOT imitating ME!!!!! REALLY!!!!

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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