There were 3 in the bed…

And the little one just kept kicking!!!

I know that sounds strange but this is Japan and 3 in a bed is commonplace though usually it’s a mom and the two kids while the dad gets ousted after the birth of number one. That is if he was lucky enough to stay in the same bed until the birth of the first one (and they wonder why the birth rate is declining?!)

Well, we got DD into her own bed for now!!!!! This is a huge accomplishment given that she’s a pretty good snuggler. I never dreamed she’d distance herself from us given that she sleeps either on, under or wedged in between us in the strangest positions.

We had her in a crib until winter but she kicks off the covers and Japanese houses can go down to near zero degrees at night so I didn’t want to leave her there by herself. So I dug out the big futon and we all slept comfortably there in the winter all too happy to  be piled up like hamsters enjoying each other’s warmth.


But now it’s summer and centipedes are wicked this time of the year so we gave up the futons and sacrificed our sofa bed ‘We sit on the the floor in the living room now). Centipedes LOVE to lurk in and especially under futons but seem more reluctant to make the trek up a wooden bed… SO anyway, we’ve been 3 to a bed for some time now but the bed is only 140ccm across.

So we (ahem, I) had this brilliant idea… get bunk beds then we’d set it up so that we’re only using the top bunk while our bed is perpendicular and shoved underneath saving all this space in our tiny Japanese home. DD is too small for a top bunk so I figured I’d be up there (I’ve been very keen on sleeping by myself these days anyway, as the gut is already starting to protrude) until I got too huge and then, true to Japanese fashion, DH would get it.

We’d have to reinforce it if we don’t set up the bottom bunk proper, and we just didn’t have enough time to do that. So we assembled the bottom bunk as a temporary measure until the next weekend. Well Sprout loved it from the minute it started to look like a bed and insisted on sleeping in there. She’s tight against our bed so I guess that keeps her from feeling lonely but she’s been in there two weeks so far… knock on wood.

We’ve all had great sleeps since.


It’s fall now and we never did get that top bunk set up. The bottom munk is still wedged against our bed and it seems the thrill of the new bed has worn off. DD shares the big bed with one of us while the other adult gets the bunk (usually whoever goes to bed first gets the snuggler).

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