Easter was a hoot this year! It went smoother this year than in the past depite the fact that there were more people than before. As the years go by I smooth out more and more bumps. Last year, my co-conspirator, and I sat down and actually wrote out NOTES of the good and the bad so that this year I had a little list of things I needed.

Anyway, DH put a few pics on his blog but, for privacy sake, doesn’t put much up there especially faces… http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yetikanada/35358014.html

Saturday I put Sprout in daycare and gutted the house. With a shedding dog and a messy toddler who delights in dropping edibles on the floor to the aforementioned shedding dog, the place can get pretty gross.

I just about got the house gutted when my friends arrived from Fukuoka (about 4 hours drive away). They were to spend the night and since they have 3 kids -5mos to 3 1/2 years, we were pretty busy.

Anyway, we had a late night (about midnight) and the next day I was at it full speed getting the house ready. Remember this is Easter so the usual house cleaning doesn’t cut it. Kids are going to be yanking open drawers and closets so I have to be extra careful of what is where. I can’t just stuff everything in the closet so no-one sees it like I usually do. Plus it was rainy so we would have to cancel the hunt in the garden.

A total of 30 people came. I love how I can take out the walls in my house. Gotta love those Japanese “door/walls”. We open ‘er up and everyone fits in no problem. Everyone is good about bringing stuff and pitching in and we’ve been doing this so long that most KNOW what they’re supposed to be doing.

Kids decorated eggs in our “bedroom” (again gotta love the Japanese style- our futons were folded away in the closet so it gave us an extra room) while we Easter bunnies got to hiding the loot- and there was lots of it this year.

Eggs hidden- we gave the kids a basket each – told them the rules
2) DON’T BOWL OVER the little kids
3) when the basket is full dump the contents into the “communal basket” for sharing after. They are surprisingly good about this.

Then we opened the door and let the stampede out. Toddlers weren’t in the egg decorating room so they had NO IDEA what had happened but they got caught up in the festivities and began to imitate by running around frantically and screaming too.

We divvied up the loot and this year we even thought to have “loot bags” ready. The kids decorated these while we divivied stuff up.

The adults probably got ignored and I’m sure that several came and never even got a drink of water because they were too shy to help themselves but the kids seemed to have a BLAST!

When everything settled I made still more notes for next year. By then Sprout will be able to hunt for the eggs a bit too.

Oh the only one  likely not too happy was the dog because she had to spend the night before out in the doghouse because my friends stayed over AND she had to spend a rainy day outside again. But I made up for it with a good warm bath (of course that was the nail in the coffin for the neglected canine)

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