We celebrated Setsubun last night. Ironically, it's the mark of the arrival of spring but we woke up to snow this morning. Anyway…

   Setsubun is a time when you say, "Evil out! Happiness in" and you throw beans at the 'devils'

which are usually family members running around with a cheap paper masks on their faces. Well we we happen to posses a big kagura  mask and DH put it on along with his winter coat and came in the kitchen. Well I thought Sprout's eyes were going to fall out! Then she clung to me SOOOOOOO tight I think I have scars this morning. She eventually got over the fear enough to toss a couple of beans at this monstrosity in our kitchen and then she went back to trying to crawl back inside me somehow. The demons scared away for another year, we got back to our proclamations of "Oni wa soto; Fuku wa uchi!" We tossed beans at the door and the dog scampered around to gobble them up. We're not sure if we are going to use that mask again next year.

   Then again… all we have to do now when she refuses to do something is call out 'Oni-chan' (Mr. Demon!) and she complies with our wishes! It was an instant attitude adjustment.

   Just the same she was really excited by the whole ordeal because she started her report as soon as her daycare teacher met her at the entrance! I had to translate her baby talk but she was revved up and excited to report last night's shenanigans!

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