Turning Japanese II

  I ‘m beginning to think that I chould just change the name of this blog to “turning Japanese”…

So here it is, I’ve rung in 2008 and have several glorious days off. I should be out gallybanting around seeing new places and seeing old friends and wearing myself out good and proper so that I will be ready to go back to work to get a rest but not so…

Here I am at my kitchen table waiting for my New Year’s cards to print. I actually should have had them in the mail by Dec. 25th so I haven’t completely lost my “gaijinity” (*”gaijin” is Japanese for foreigner). I’ve hardly been out of the house since I got back from the big excursion up Odo Mountain except to walk the dog and to take Sprout to the local shrine down the road. I thought that THAT would be an excellent chance to show her the snow. She obviously has her father’s blood as she would have none of it and demanded to be carried for all but 100m. I hate to admit it but walking the dog was far more fun.

So anyway, back to the not getting out of the house. DH had to go to a new year’s party at 11am. Japan is very strict about community rules and one of the things you have to be careful of is to NOT offend the community or you could suffer a sort of “excommunication”. SO DH trundled off to this obligatory “party” where he knew he’d be made to drink a fair amount of alcohol (YES at 11am). He came home just before 1 red as a beet. Now this guy cannot hold his liquor very well so he has been sleeping and suffering a hangover most of the day.

Now that Sprout is sleep, it leaves me a bit of time to sit back, open up the laptop and print out these new year’s cards. It’s rather meditative. I have some software that keeps the addresses on file for printing every year and on the other side I can design the card. Not only is it super convenient but it’s fun. I dress warmly, steep a big pot of tea and make these cards.


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