Stage fright

   Sprout  had her ‘Christmas Pageant’ I call it that for lack of other words. It’s just a big winter pageant that coincides with the Christmas season. Sprout’s class, the “Chicks” being the second youngest in the daycare only got one chance on the stage for about 5 mins while the older kids get much more.

Nonetheless, I dressed her up really smartly in a cute little pink dress and shoes so she could really shine for her one and only chance up there. She had been practicing at home for days dancing and singing around the living room and muttering things. DH listened carefully one time and reported that she was repeating the commands that the teachers had been giving the kids. Things like ‘1- 2- 3 turn around’ I have to admit that I was really looking forward to whatever all this was since last year she could only sit on the stage and try to crawl off once in a while until a vigilant teacher’s hand caught her and dragged her back to safety.

They changed the venue this year so we had heating. This was nice! We all crammed into this really big room with a nice little stage and settled on the straw mats and got ready for the action. The kids danced and sang and beat homemade instruments and wore cute costumes AND even kid Kagura (that funky dance with the big wild masks and flamboyant kimonos)

Then I took her backstage to the area where they all got ready and she trundled off excitedly with her little friends.

Then the debut. The curtains opened and she started right in….

MOOOOOOMMMMYYYYYY!!!???? and she cried the WHOLE five minutes on stage

while all her little friends clapped and danced and sang. I have to give her credit though, she did stop about 2 seconds to respond to her name being called. The teachers called all the kids names and when they called her name I could see the teacher who was comforting her reach for her hand but Sprout shot it up and briskly responded ‘HAI!’ and went right back to crying on Sensei’s lap. Oh and part way through finally one other little boy cried too so that she wasn’t alone. Even the baby group DIDN’T cry this year so she stood out like a sore thumb. Oh well. Can’t blame a little girl for stage fright but she obviously doesn’t have her Mommy’s knack for drama and public speaking.

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