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I just don’t get it…

 One thing I have always found absurd in this country is that they always complain of being cold in winter. Of course it's cold! Of course I do my fair share of complaining too especially in the early days when … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice

  I just found this on the net and don't know the author but sure would like to know.   I haven't been a big fan of Christmas lately simply because of what it has become -commercial mayhem and stress. … Continue reading

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Melli Kurisumasu

I originally wrote this for Christmas 2001 and had it up on my old web page but with the season upon us I decided to repost (especially since my entires were MUCH better back then anyway)   So the other … Continue reading

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Beyond the call of duty…

   After all my years here some things still surprise me…   Some friends we hadn't seen in a while came down our way so we planned a bit of a get together. There were three families all together- we … Continue reading

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Stage fright

   Sprout  had her ‘Christmas Pageant’ I call it that for lack of other words. It’s just a big winter pageant that coincides with the Christmas season. Sprout’s class, the “Chicks” being the second youngest in the daycare only got … Continue reading

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