Mens Syncro!?

  10 years now and this country still surprises me. The most recent was this weekend. 2 years ago there was a huge hit movie called "The Waterboys". I checked it out and lo and behold you can get English subtitle versions in the west though I doubt you've heard of it.

Basically it's a movie about a highschool swimteam which gains sudden popularity when the new "hot babe" swim teacher walks in the classroom lamenting that there are no guys on the team. Next scene there's a room full of hormonal teenage boys waiting to join. Then teach shows them a video of what they will be doing. Turns out  that it's   synchronized swimming! Next scene- 5 guys left who haven't realized that the others all sneaked out. Now they can't back out!
  It's heaps of fun from then on in. Well it became a bit of a TV hit too and last month when I saw that they were coming to town on tour, I HAD to have tickets!!!
  First, male synchro swimmers have HOT bods! and these were Japanese guys. Nice smooth hairless guys in speedos with not an ounce of fat on their six-pack abdomens. That alone was worth the admission!
 BUT most Japanese pools are designed for races and are about 4 ft deep so synchro takes on a different approach. Especially when it's GUYS! They do a lot of manly things. A lot of arm movements- quick and powerful vs sleek and graceful. They flip and jump more like human dolphins and tend to toss each other out of the water in somersaults and catapults. They include comedy and all in all produced a fun, well-choreographed show.
  They danced at the poolside. They swam a front crawl in a circle and in little boy fashion one guy was swimming and hitting the guy in front (comedy factor).
  They swam a synchronized butterfly. But it was proceeded by guys coming out in sport robes rocking to Def Leppard (Pour some Sugar on Me). They stripped off their robes (one guy was in a lady's bikini top!) and dove in.
  At one point the guys were doing their manly arm movements when, on the poolside, a chubby guy came out in a tutu and did some poolside ballet which went on to become mock sumo wrestling.
  Another poolside skit included a "couple" (both played by guys) interupted by ninjas. A fight ensued with swords and kendo sticks and ended with the "star-crossed lover" fighting for his love with the pool broom. The ninjas flipped one of their men out of the pool. He somersaulted onto the deck and resumed the fight. In the end "Romeo and Juliet" or is it "Hanako and Taro" were reunited while the vanquished ninjas floated inert in the pool.
   They grabbed spectators and made them dance at one point and they made sure they splashed everyone in the front rows.
  They went on the resume something with these pylon cones that ended in a really cool fountain shooting water up in the air and in the end they came up out of the water in a human pyramid.
 It was a fun show. If it ever came to Canada it'd be a hit, I'm sure but the gals wouldn't watch as quietly. There'd be heaps of hoots and whistles for sure. I doubt that the average Canadian redneck would want to witness it though.
  Well guess I've already giving too much info. But if you're ever looking at the foreign videos in the shop and want a change of pace and happen to spot something called "Waterboys" give it a go. It's silly but great fun.

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