The “Surprise Wedding”

On Dec 28th I had to work! But I had asked if I could get off early because I had a wedding to go to- my own! The boss announced it at the morning meeting and after all the fanfare and hoopla we eventually settled down to our jobs.

  My task was to get the webpage uploaded for the new year and in the process of doing all this, all the female staff gathered around in a big circle and started a big “da-da da da-da-da-da…” (the wedding march) and they gave me a huge bouquet of flowers. Talk about crafty! They didn’t have much time to prepare this considering they never found out til that morning and the nearest flower shop is 25 mins away.

  We met "our co-conspirators" for lunch again and N helped translate the vows into Japanese. We had a quick rehearsal of how we’d break the news, let their son practice his ringbearer/ best man duties and…

  That evening we had the party. As planned it remained a surprise. But the first surprise of the evening was on me. C-chan had said that E’s mother was coming but when I walked in the first face I saw was E! She was back from England for a short trip and it coincided with our wedding!!! What a present (though at this point they didn’t know that). All hands were there in formal wear, kiddies all dolled up and only "our conpirators" knew what would happen.

  I stood up and started the toast and luckily no-one noticed that my hands were almost violently shaking with nervousness whereas normally I just stand up, ham it up and get on with the proceedings.

  I announced "Shall we have a toast? I'd like to make a toast so several exciting events over the last year. First S had a birthday yesterday (he went red!) and several of our friends have had new additions to their families and here's to year of good health. Kanpai!" Then one friend stood up and said "I'd like to add something ("Conspiritor A" and I got nervous because she was supposed to stand up and add about us…) R and K ("Conspirator A" and I shot each other nervous glances) opened their new school this year. Congratulations (we both breathed a sigh of relief)"
Then S (aka "conspirator A" stood up as planned and added "I'd like to add something, R and K took a big step and moved into and renovated a house this year. Kanpai." she sat down as we'd planned and got up again "Oh wait, I almost forgot, and Re and K got married! (you could hear the jaws as they hit the table) Congratulations. And now they are going to exchange rings and vows … "By this time I was SOOOO nervous I don't know what she said, but our little ring bearer came up with the rings and presented them to us and I got them ready while K got the vows from his pocket. I think we read them. I recall reading out something and had he accidentally taken out the phone bill, I’m sure I would have read it at that point and never noticed.     
With this ring…
We exchanged rings while reading our vows and had a big "omedetou" from all and got on with the merriment.

I wouldn't change a thing (except I'd have brought spare batteries for the camera- there were 5 cameras and only 2 worked!) and this was one of them.

The End…. or is it "the Beginning"?

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