The Big Day

Well the deed is done. DH and I are now “legally” married though I suspect that in our hearts we have been for years. The only difference is a piece of paper on file at city office and excited reactions as we tell people. It’s not the same as in Canada. There’s no official, no vows, just some paperwork and that’s it. It went something like this…


I spent Christmas Eve at the consulate getting the necessary affidavit and got home at 6:30 Christmas morning, tumbled off the night bus, walked the dog, got refreshed had a bite to eat and went about translating my birth certificate (another necessary document). Running around getting ink for the printer and batteries for the classroom and stuff, it hardly felt like a “wedding day”.

But DH did get into clean clothes and took an extended lunch break. I at least put on dress pants. I was truly fearing that he would show up in city hall in his work truck and wearing his grubby work clothes. In the end we drove there together in a car (though compared to MY car the work truck may have been cleaner!)

We met with our friends (an American, and a Japanese who were to be our witnesses. Now, in Japan, they could have filled out the necessary forms in their kitchen, let us bring them to the city hall and left it at that, but these folks agreed to make it more fun by going to city hall with us and when DH and I arrived we were greeted by their little 4 year old son dressed in a Christmas red shirt who excitedly said “Congratulations!!” and we all went into the right department with the little guy creating quite the “oohing and aaaahhhhing” among the ladies. Well he IS a good looking boy!

He quickly whittled away time chatting with the clerks about his new

Pokeman Battle set he had gotten for Christmas. Meanwhile, we filled out the forms and that was pretty much it.

We had lunch at a simple little restaurant and then the men went off to work and we ladies and the 4 year-old enjoyed some dessert at the local doughnut shop.

I did a little shopping and was debating what to make for supper when I saw TURKEY LEGS!!! They were smoked but it was TURKEY!!! First time I’ve ever seen it here! So I bought some turkey and the fixings and tonight we had a Christmas/ wedding dîner a deux

We had a little sake to celebrate since by Japanese custom, the couple drinks sake together at the shrine.

We plan to exchange rings and possibly vows on the 28th at the annual “Christmas party”. During the toast, we will make an announcement, exchange rings and vows and get on with the festivities and eating. Simple and sweet. That’s just how we like it.


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