Hallowe’en III

I've almost started a new tradition of trick-or-treating in this town. Every year now for 5 years I have celebrated Hallowe'en in some form or another with my friend's children. The very first attempt was a rather sudden and haphazard attempt to bring the goblin spirit to the little ones!

Last year, I took them around to friend's houses and they did some real trick-or-treating. and the tradition continued this year as well.

I managed to get a few extra recruits with my friend's son and his

friend so we had two cars of goblins to ring around to about 7 houses. The original two goblins were there and this year their younger sister (3) was able to come along. The little one was wearing her sister's costume from last year, while the older sister was a princess. The boy who really tends to get into the spirit was not at the door when I arrived to pick him up. No sirree he was skulking in the back waiting to spook me with outfit. He slinked out of the kitchen holding a large scythe made of cardboard and a kendo stick. He had fashioned a black outfit from garbage bags and had taped a homemade skeleton to it. I was being stalked by the grim reaper!

We had our usual fun going around getting loot and collecting compliments on our outfits but this year the older kids found a new sport. They would roll down the windows and try to spook unwitting pedestrians!

I can't wait to see what's on the agenda for next year's hallowe'en!

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