Storm Warning

  We just got over a crap of a storm that dumped snow everywhere. Well here wasn't too bad because those HUGE gusts of wind blew it all somewhere. Somewhere, by a wall in this town, there must be several meters of snow all piled up. And it's been in the minus range now for about the 3rd day. Not good in these airy houses. I wake up and read 4 degrees INSIDE.

  There's ice all over the roads 'cause they don't salt here and cars are in ditches or already in the scrapyard. Being from the blustery Rock, this just made me homesick! I pulled on my gortex and my hiking boots and went out and faced it ("it", however, almost blew me back in the house). So here I was fondly remembering storms from days of yore when I'd first gotten my license and it was piled up so soooo high you couldn't see a tractor trailor coming at you sideways and feeling all nostalgic. I was pumping brakes and using low gear and screaming at hapless motorists skidding around and listening to the sound of tire chains and wheels spinning.

  But there's a HUGE hill before I get to work and it was littered with stopped cars. We had to push heaps of them which is not easy when your slipping/blowing downhill yourself! but we managed. The teachers from our school got a good workout pushing and shoving while all the folks from southern climes spun wheels furiously. We put grass under the wheels of one car to give it some grip but it was skattered furiously behind in a blinding thrust!

  My car (a simple 2 wheel drive Corolla II) just chugged right up there! All in a day's driving back home!

  So I arrived at my desk to hear that they were planning to shut the school "early" (YAY??!!!). Wait a minute, shut it "early"? isn't it already too LATE?? They shouldn't have had us out on the roads in the first place and should've shut er down at 7am.

  So I was thinking about things and philosophizing (or was it daydreaming) about how many documents claim that humans are superior beings. Well now I know not to believe it!

  Only a dumb or VERY hungry animal would go out in such weather. We were the only animals visible this morning. Seems all the intelligent beings were snuggled up in little holes and crevices and mud and stuff.

  Birds with brains the size of peanuts fly south for heaven's sake. And squirrels and turtles are all asleep dreaming about spring.

  I think I'll go home "early" and not come back until March.

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