Hallowe’en II

I love Hallowe'en! I always have, and being told I was too big for it was truly a sad day in my life.

 For this reason I decided to keep the tradition alive and now that I am in Japan I can get away with these things and everyone just assumes it's part of my "gaijinity" (foreigness). For several years now I have dressed up with friends and gone to the house of a friend, goofed around with the kids, spooked them (even though they know it's me every time) and gave them candy at the end. Then we usually sit around and eat grandma's birthday cake together.

Well this year I realized that they are big enough to do some real trick-or-treating! And there are enough foreigners in town to make it possible. I got the Ok from the kids' dad and got busy ringing the foreigners in town and managed to round up 7 places we could visit. All of the adults seemed pretty excited to have little goblins come around and they prepared some great loot.

The evening came and I went to pick up my friend's kids dressed in my lab coat, wearing a wild curly white wig and sporting glasses and a mustache. The kids mom is and art teacher and you can tell that they have inherited some of her talent. The Boy was decked out in a homemade Darth Vader suit made from a kind of paper mache, swim goggles, cardboard and a black garbage bag. The girl had gotten hold of a pink witch hat and had mad some wings and a cute pink outfit. Her Mom had put on her make-up.

  So off we went. We started at mine where BF was holding down the fort. It was his first Hallowe'en! Then we dashed off to the outlaying houses before we moved into the loot rich center. We must've been a funny site -a mad scientist ferrying around a pink witch and Darth Vader in a car with a squat in the side (what? you haven't read my accident story?) and pumpkins and ghosts in the back windows!

  By the third house they had almost filled the little bags they'd brought and were already into the spirit of things by asking "how many more houses?" they were loving it!

  The last house is an English school so they had decorated everything and had an enormous Jack-o-lantern outside. We knocked on the cobwebbed door and a man in a pig mask came snorting out. This teacher loves to goof around.
He gave them their loot and just as we turned to leave 7 more trick-or-treaters came. It felt like the real thing! I guess they were his students.

I brought them back to their place excited and ready to attack the loot which they'd dumped all over the floor before Mom and Grandma had finished thanking me. It was just like being home as I listened to excited hoots and "wow"s coming form them.

This was my best Hallowe'en in ages! But I say that every year…

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