29 again!

I had a great birthday. I made lots of jokes of taking longer to celebrate at this age so I started Sat. night. Some friends joined me for dinner.  Where I had a lovely plate of spicy miso grilled scallops and all the fixins then off to the pub. I really didn’t want to go drinking but some friends had made a reservation. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed myself once there. Then some of them came back to mine for the first time in ages. Once upon a time that was the norm.  We all ended up at mine til the wee hours chatting, playing guitar and stuff.

While there got a phone call from a friend who used to live in this town but

transferred. He was in town too so he dropped by. Then we all had to get up the next morning for a hike.  It was freezing cold!! but we lit a fire, roasted weinies and marshmallows. There was quite the gang.  Even a 5 year old boy who was doing all this for the first time.  We all had to bring a stick of wood as part of the deal.  Kuon brought a chair (mind you it WAS broken) but it looked really funny when he put it on the fire.

Then off to the spa for a soak and a gab then off to my favorite coffee shop (the one where I part timed) where more friends were there to wish me well and all of the other clean (but smoky clothed) hikers had gathered.

By this time I needed a catnap, before I went off to another coffee shop to see my friend sing. This is her second gig and I hope it continues. She has a marvelous voice!

And this morning Mom and Dad called. Given we nomads only have cell phones that’s a REAL treat as I haven’t heard their voices in a year.

I got lots of presents and Koji has given me the same present Dad gave me 16 years ago; he quit smoking.  Will he succeed?? We need nicorettes!

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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