I had a great Hallowe'en. -Probably the most festive in a while.  

  Every year for the last 3 years I have dressed up with a buddy and gone to my friend's sister's house and spooked the kids.  The first year we did this, we had to ring ahead and make sure that ‘Mom’ explained to them so they weren’t totally spooked by two huge white cotton bags (they were very simple costumes that year- made by crawling into a duvet cover and using the corners as arms) falling all over the living room and making growling sounds.  The kid in diapers was fine, it was the one NOT in diapers we were worried about.  What if we scared him too much?

  The kids now know that spooking is part of the game too so they make masks for when we arrive. This year, the second kid is big enough to make a costume (with a little help) and they were all pretty excited.  The boy was a TV character ( I thought he was a cowboy and somewhat insulted him with my ignorance) and the girl was a pink fairy.  The third kid is now walking and demonstrated just how fast she could walk away from us and into grandma’s arms as soon as we stormed in.

  One friend (who's jsut back form Pakistan) dressed in a Salwar (it didn’t scare them too much but sure looked cool), My other friend wore a karate outfit, a bandana and painted a third eye on her head.  I was a headless thing (again growling and falling all over the living room).  Since we adults don’t need more calories, we bring the candy to them in a reverse ‘trick-or-treat’.  But they had treats for us anyway.

  After the growling and spooking and playing, we had a big dinner because it was Chiekos's Mom's birthday the next day.  Chieko had bought little pumpkins to scoop out too and put a candle in it.  It was really neat to pass on a little fun to the kids, but I'm not sure who had more fun, us or them.

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