A Whole Lotta Shakin’

  Have you ever wondered where you just might end up if a big earthquake comes along? (or fire of anything else that leaves you fleeing with no time to prepare?)

They (the earthquakes) always arrive in the same way -something that sounds like a huge gust of wind or a tractor trailer driving over your porch. Then you realize that it is not a windy day or that you don’t have a porch and you freeze for a split second (some people I know freeze a lot longer. while others just run around like chickens in a barnyard) then you scream mentally “HOLY $%#`@ IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE!!!”  and if there are people around you ask calmly “hey, is that an earthquake?” After this stage of reconfirmation I usually do as I’ve been told and dive under a sturdy desk or table. Up until now they’ve all been little quakes and all but one of my coworkers continue to type away as they calmly ask “is that another earthquake?” while Ms M and I cower under our desks.

A big one arrived on Saturday. I started like all the rest. I thought a gust of wind had come up, but things were shaking a bit too much. It hit 5 on the Richter Scale (You should hear the Japanese announcers try to say that one) and it rumbled, shook and rattled for 30 seconds!

And there I was taking a shower, wearing my birthday suit and only half clean. I remembered to turn off the water, turn off my heater and dive under my very sturdy kitchen table. So here I was, crouched under this table. I wasn’t one bit worried that I would die in this quake; I knew that THIS table was gonna hold up, but for about 25 seconds all I could think of were these three thoughts…  Oh my GOD if this IS the big one and this building gives out I’M gonna be found in here NAKED, followed by this irrational thought “oh my GOD the fish tank is sloshing all over the place” followed by when is this gonna end!?” usually in that order and over and over. I managed to grab a dish towel from the top of the table to cover the most essential bits should things take a shake for the worse.

Turns out, it did end and fortunately with only 2 casualties stretched over a very large area (one of them was 80 and probably had a heart attack). I never even lost a dish but the fish tank did slosh around a bit and left me with some cleaning along with everything that fell of the table.

Of course every cloud has it’s silver lining -for 30 seconds, I had totally forgotten the pain my recently removed wisdom tooth was causing.

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Just another Mom but trying my best to raise my two in the outback of Japan
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